Pebble polishing process flow


Cobblestone is used mostly as garden and paving, choose natural elliptic smooth cobblestone commonly, use need not special processing commonly, but still need to do a few simple processing, such effect can be better, so how to polish cobblestone?
1. Clean the stone surfac
Depending on the stone surface, different cleaning materials and methods can be used.Generally speaking, can immerse stone with clear water first period of time, wait for surface bilge to soften later use wool to brush bilge clear;If dirt is difficult to clean, you can also use some dilute hydrochloric acid as a cleaning agent.But if the stone is soft stone, try not to use dilute hydrochloric acid, in order to prevent the stone surface and color damage.The general principle is: to try to keep the original color of stone, skin intac
2. Let the stones
Method 1, natural cool dry;Method two, heat drying.Heating can be done by using an electric air duct.This method is relatively easy to grasp, and also more safe, simple.Also can choose the big hot day that the bright sun shines, insolate stone is heated.Or use any other method you think is practicable;Method 3, can also be heated while baking wax.The general principle: the purpose of heating a stone is to make it impregnable to the
3. Choose waxy mate
Generally speaking, the waxy material that is easy to find is the white mineral wax that is usually used for lighting.There are other hard waxy materials, too.Another waxy material is liquid wax.The liquid wax I usually use is the liquid wax for the light on the car dial.One thing to emphasize here is that if you use this liquid automotive wax, you can also omit the heating process for the stone.Because car liquid wax meets high temperature easy to catch fire, grasp bad words is easy to cause safety acci
4. Waxing (
For hard wax, you can also use a heating tool (such as electric air duct) while heating at the same time at the waxy material, so that the waxy slowly permeate the stone inside;You can also put the hard wax into the container to heat it until it melts, and then brush the wax on the stone surface, so that the wax slowly soaked in the stone.In this process, also can use the electric air duct for heating, in order to speed up the impregnation rate of wax liquid.After waiting for the wax to permeate the channel to a certain extent, the stone surface of the no longer soaked wax scrape off, and then with a dry soft cloth (such as cotton cloth, etc.) to wipe the stone surface.If the ability of the stone to absorb wax is strong, you can repeat the process.Continue rubbing with a dry cloth until the surface of the stone waxes.Liquid wax works the same way in principle.After the above process, a stone polishing process is basically completed.