How to renovate and repair the cave stone


Cave rock is a kind of porous Marine sedimentary rock. Due to the appearance of pores in the diagenetic process, and because its main component is calcium carbonate or magnesium carbonate, it is easy to be dissolved and corroded by water, so many natural and irregular holes will appear in these deposits.
The tonality of cave stone is in the majority with cream-colored, make a person feels gentle, simple sense is rich, stripe is clear, make the building that decorates often has strong culture and historical lasting appeal, be used at metope and ground of a lot of buildings in the world.
Walls such as: Italy Rome arena is mostly cave stone, although after 2000 years of wind and frost, but still magnificent;The bank of China headquarters building and the Chinese embassy in the United States, the hole stone use area reached more than 20,000 square meters.
Of course, there are also applied to the ground, because of the existence of a large number of holes in the hole, the water absorption of stone, strength decline, poor weather resistance, and because of more pores, will accumulate a lot of dust, difficult to clean.
So, how to deal with the cave stone, so as to avoid this problem?Below small make up to share with you.
1. Dry mill cleaning:
Dry grinding with 150 mesh marble, remove the aging layer and oxidation layer of the stone surface, open the pores of the stone, to ensure the effective infiltration of the later stone protective agent;
2. Brush protection:
Besmear brushes compound nanosiloxane protective agent, prevents the water in stone grinding process to enter the stone, causes the stone pathological changes.When operating, pay attention to the stone to keep clean and dry, pour the protective agent in a clean and dry bucket, with a water applicator dipped in wet paint brush, to ensure uniform, sufficient, general protective agent in the stone surface can stay 20 minutes to 30 minutes do not work, that is regarded as sufficient;After brushing the protective agent, keep in good health for 48 hours at room temperature, and keep in good health for 2-4 times longer if the temperature drops by 10 degrees.Also pay attention to the fluoride-coated protective agent along the seam, to prevent later infiltration of glue;
3. Sewing adhesive:
After the surface of the stone protective agent is dry, the machine can be used to open the seam without dust and fill the marble glue;
4. Stone grinding:
At the end of the protective agent health time, with 150 mesh with water grinding leveling stone;
5. Pickling of stone materials:
After 150 mesh grinding, ensure the stone surface clean and dry, acid cleaning.
The operation is as follows:
Mix with granite cleaner + granite water spot net + water in a ratio of 1:1:1, then pickling with a land brush or hand brush for 2-3 times (pickling until holes are cleaned), two and a half times each time, wait for 40 minutes for each cleaning and then use a suction machine to suck off the liquid.Note: this step must not be washed, otherwise the glue cannot be filled;